Software Maintenance Packages

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Original Scientific Paper distributed under the CC BY 4.0

Year 2022, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 1-6


Goran Vorotovic 

Belgrade University Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Belgrade, Serbia


Milos Januzovic

Belgrade University Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Belgrade, Serbia


Software engineering, Software maintenance, Software life cycle


The software life cycle as a concept, vague, and by no means understood regardless of its applicability in modern society remains as the "eternal child" of modern technology.

Taking into account the possibilities of modern software engineering and its effect and adhering to the basic principles of programming, user requests to improve and optimize software packages become legitimate and, above all, usable.

Practice has evidently shown that in the life process of software, its maintenance is a key component in the business process, interpersonal relationships and the functioning of the entire system as a whole.

The practical knowledge of the authors of the paper and their decades of work in the field of software maintenance have shown that maintaining something that works is incomparably more important than something new that does not have a clearly defined limit.

The experiences of the authors in the field of software maintenance in the past few decades are shown in the paper and as such, according to the humble opinion of the authors, they must be a significant link in the software life cycle.

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Vorotovic, G., Januzovic, M. (2022) Software Maintenance Packages, Science of Maintenance Journal, vol. 2, no. 1, 1-6


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