Digitization of fleet maintenance systems as an option to improve the maintainability function

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Original Scientific Paper distributed under the CC BY 4.0

Year 2021, Volume 1, Issue 1-2, Pages 28-33


Milan Jankovic

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Belgrade, Serbia



Nikola Jokic

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Belgrade, Serbia



maintenance system; data flow diagram; maintenance process; operative level of management; system effectiveness; maintainability; digitalization; workers' movement scheme;


The subject of this paper is a thorough acquaintance with the functioning of a complex Maintenance System - consideration of all influential parameters in Maintenance Processes, analysis of collected data and finally discussion on the Maintainability of the observed system and proposal for improvement using Digitization. As a Maintenance System (MS), we will be considering a transport company providing intercity and international bus transport of passengers. A proposal for optimization of certain processes within the observed MS will be presented at the end. The aim is to mitigate or completely eliminate the negative impact of the detected critical control points on the indicators of Maintainability of the observed system. The idea is to monitor the movement of workers in charge of maintaining bus engines and then, based on the recorded trajectory, make a proposal for new position of work tables and the optimal arrangement of parts needed for the specific maintenance activity. The movement of workers is recorded simply - by using ultrasonic sensors and adequate software to manage the collected data. That way, the trajectory of the worker during the maintenance operation is simplified which inevitably contributes to shortening the time required to perform the operation.

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Jankovic, M., Jokic, N. (2021) Digitization of fleet maintenance systems as an option to improve the maintainability function, Science of Maintenance Journal, vol. 1, no. 1-2, 28-33


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